Sunday, September 12, 2010

Great hair days!

What does it take to have great looking hair everyday? Hair needs a lot of attention and if you're into extensions, it will cost you too.

Sadly, most Nigerian women don't have the time or patience to attend to their natural hair. Right after secondary school, it's weaves and braids all the way! I love weaves. I haven't even tried braids in a long time. Weaves come in so many lengths, colours, styles and textures and can give you a desired look without you needing to alter your natural hair. It's just great!

Despite this, can a lady harm her hair by using weaves? The answer depends on HOW she uses them. It has become a practice for some ladies (guilty once!) to take off a weave, relax their hair and re-fix the same weave or another! We all know it's wrong, but it seems a lot of people can't help it. Sometimes the relaxer even burns the scalp and we don't let that heal. The hair needs to rest. It was never meant to undergo such treatment so whether you prefer it kinky or you use relaxers, you should let it rest and go through treatments. Deep-conditioning with shea butter is good for weak hair and prevents breaking. This can be done a few days or a week after relaxing. Damaged scalps also need to be treated to avoid dandruff and other problems that affect the scalp.

My hairdresser was so happy when I bought Supreme Supra 1-minute weave. I can now treat my hair and let it 'breathe' and still have a great style on. I love it and you can't tell the difference. It's very easy to use and you can even put it on yourself. It comes in almost 30 different styles. It also comes in various colours and has colour mixes.

I got colour 2(brown) of style H801. It's not as curly as it looks on the model (picture above) but it's 100% human hair and can be styled as desired. It's so good that I got it soaked at a pool party the next day and it didn't tangle and lose it's original texture. It may be a bit pricey for some ladies. It costs about $99 but the price varies depending on the length. There are also 100% synthetic Supra 1-minute weaves which you can get for half that price but what you see is what you get! You cannot alter the style with curling and straightening irons and water can ruin it. Sleek has instant weaves for much less which cost about $13 but the quality is not impressive. The best quality can be expected from Supreme or Sensationnel. Sensationnel has a collection of instant weaves and instant ponies. Remi full wig caps are also available from Supreme and the less expensive synthetic wigs.