Who has bought really expensive human hair only to find that it's not durable? It's sad that telling the fakes from  good quality hair is sometimes difficult cause there are so many in the market these days because its in demand. I'm glad people are becoming aware that the most highly priced are not always the best. I love weaves because they are so easy to wear and come in so many different styles so there's really no need to experiment with my natural hair. I've also found that it can be used to grow out hair as it helped me with my damaged hairline from tight braids. What I did is relax less even though I have tough hair and keep everything sealed to avoid any stress that can cause further hair loss. I was also applying some locally-made Shea butter hair cream to my scalp around my temples so maybe that helped too.


Better! Very natural look too :o)
Good hair is such an investment for a girl like me. If you're not one to go from one hairdo to another and tend to keep one classic look then I have something good to offer. Ladies, here is tried and tested human hair at affordable prices!

I used 14" straight virgin hair for about a year and got tired of it.
All sealed in

 I started using 16" wavy hair late last year and I prefer it cause the curls always snap back.

However, this one is treated. The texture is great and its just as durable but I noticed a difference when it comes to maintenance. The virgin hair is pretty much shake 'n' go, meaning it doesn't tangle. If you have rough mornings, you would love it - just run your fingers through it and be on your way most days.

Currently, there's 10 to 16 inches available and the price range is from N25,000 to N45,000. You can only get some if you live in Lagos, Port Harcourt or Accra. Call 08033198146 for details. Cheers!